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About iHerb Australia

iHerb is a major health and wellness e-commerce retailer which sells everything from vitamins and probiotics to beauty products and special supplements such as melatonin.

It ships to countries across the world, including Australia, and stocks over 3,000 products at low prices on its website. You can also earn reward points when you buy with iHerb.

Get a discount on your next orderwhen you use one of these iHerb promo codes or iHerb discount codes available from Lifehacker. Now, you don't have to go outside and search for your favourite vitamins or health-related products as iHerb is a complete world of supplements and herbs for its beloved customers.

A Complete World of Herbs

A one-stop-shop for all herbs and vitamins needs is iHerb. No need to wander here and there to search for prescribed vitamins, because iHerb has taken responsibility for providing quality vitamins and herbs to its customers. iHerb does not only provide vitamins and supplements, but you can find home improvement items, pet products, baby essentials, personal care products, and sports items, as well. You no longer need to go to the grocery store in the scorching heat when iHerb products are one click away. So, if you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy online place to buy your vitamins, iHerb is the online company you should be buying from.

Make Health a Priority

Sometimes, we get so involved in working, that we forget about healthy eating and living a stable lifestyle. Companies like iHerb have made it way easier to take care of your health. In the era of artificial products and food, there's no wrong time to get iHerb magnesium, melatonin, vitamin D, or vitamin C tablets.

It gets frustrating when you can't find your go-to ashwagandha or other homeopathic medicine, but not anymore. Such frustrating moments are a thing of the past now. All of your health maintenance needs are under one roof with iHerb.

Rewards Program

The rewards program of iHerb has a lot to offer. The iHerb Reward Scheme allows you to earn referral credits whilst offering your friends and family a discount. By sharing a unique code, your contacts can earn 5% off their first order, or 10% for an iHerb own-brand product. You then earn a 5% discount on your next shop, once your referee completes a qualifying shop. Your referral code can be found in your online account, under Rewards Overview.

Try iHerb Afterpay

With Afterpay, you can spread the cost of your purchase by paying the outstanding balance in four fortnightly payments. By paying the outstanding sum in full over this payment scheme, you pay no interest. You must be aged over 18 to set up an Afterpay account and have an Australian bank account. iHerb doesn't currently offer this scheme, but it's worth contacting the customer services team to see what finance options are on offer.

Super Deals

This Lifehacker promotions page is here to help you save big. Grab this opportunity and use our coupon and codes on your favourite herbs, vitamins, and beauty items.

Going to buy skincare products from iHerb? If so, then don't forget to use an iHerb voucher code, promo code, or coupon code to get 10% off and get your hands on Cerave, Gerber, and Natures Bounty products. Don't overlook the coupon offers on iHerb melatonin gummies and collagen, immunity booster, iHerb probiotics, iHerb zinc picolinate, and other products.

Additionally, you can enjoy the auto-ship offer by applying a code to your future recurring orders with a subscription discount and get 5% off. So, what are you waiting for? Go and select your favourite category, apply the coupon, and enjoy all these superb deals.

First Purchase Discount

Ordering for the first time from the iHerb website? Wait! We have exciting news for you. Apply the iHerb coupon on your first purchase and get 22% off on your order. Not only that, get your first order for free as they offer free delivery on more than $20 orders.

iHerb Australia Shipping

You are eligible for free shipping with Australia Post if you spend $60 or above. Orders are fulfilled from US warehouses by Air Freight to Australia and then sent onwards via Australia Post or DHL. Shipping times and total costs with customs fees vary and will be confirmed at your point of order.

iHerb Reviews

Whether your health passion is K-Beauty or Greens Powder, you'll find leading wellness brands on iHerb at low prices. The online retailer gets great reviews for its vast product lines, regular promotions and discount codes, and spot sales. The customer service also rates highly along with shipping and fulfilment and most customers are keen to use the retailer again.

Customers also like the fact that iHerb often sells international health and wellness brands that they cannot otherwise find on the market.

Customer Service

Customers love iHerb because of its active and passionate team who are always ready to help them. No matter what time of the day it is, the iHerb team is awake or active 24/7. Also, they continuously reply to all the queries. The iHerb team is working hard to serve their customers. They keep coming up with iHerb promotion code offers and specials page deals so that customers can get maximum benefits out of it. Unfortunately, iHerb doesn't offer any trial items to its customers, so you'll have to buy the item to check it. But iHerb comes with new products once in a while and comes with new products offer, as well.

iHerb Discount Codes | 30% Off In July 2024 | Lifehacker (2024)
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