Who is Stephanie Ruhle? Everything You Need to Know (2024)

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Stephanie Leigh Ruhle

Age: 48 Years, 48 Year Old Females


Spouse/Ex-: Andy Hubbard

children: Drew Beachley Hubbard

TV Anchors Journalists

Height: 5'5" (165 cm), 5'5" Females

U.S. State: New Jersey

More Facts

education: Lehigh University (1997)

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Childhood & Early Life

Stephanie Leigh Ruhle was born on December 24, 1975, in Park Ridge, New Jersey, US. Not much is known about her early life and family except the fact that she was brought up in Park Ridge.

She attended ‘Lehigh University’, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, from where she completed her graduation in 1997 obtaining a bachelor’s degree in international business. She studied her major subjects in Italy, Guatemala and Kenya. Later in 2017 she went back to Lehigh to deliver the commencement address.

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As a student, she worked as an intern for Merrill Lynch and soon after completing her graduation she joined ‘Credit Suisse’ in 1997. She served the Swiss multinational financial services holding company for six years, dealing in hedge fund sales, and became a vice president of Credit Suisse First Boston.

She then joined ‘Deutsche Bank’ in 2003 and handled hedge funds in the capacity of a credit salesperson. Eventually, she rose to the position of managing director in Global Markets Senior Relationship Management in the global banking and financial services company which she left after eight years.

Her tenure at ‘Deutsche Bank’ saw her setting up the Global Market Women's Network that would help women to serve leadership roles.

After around fourteen years of service in the finance industry, Ruhle became a part of the private financial software, data and media company ‘Bloomberg L.P.’. In October 2011 she joined the company’s global television network ‘Bloomberg Television’.

She served ‘Bloomberg Television’ as managing editor and news anchor. There she worked as co-host of ‘Inside Track’, a two-hour early morning program on investing targeted towards the US audience, along with Erik Schatzker.

She and Schatzker then went on to join the two-hour late morning program ‘Market Makers’ in 2012. She also hosted the show ‘Bloomberg GO’ along with co-anchor David Westin.

She remained the editor-at-large of the international news agency ‘Bloomberg News’, a wire service division of ‘Bloomberg L.P.’

She profiled several big shots like Donald Trump, business tycoon and TV personality, presently serving as 45th President of the US; Terry Lundgren, CEO and Chairman of Macy's; Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of ‘JP Morgan’; Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of ‘Goldman Sachs’; and Michael Bloomberg, founder, owner and CEO of ‘Bloomberg L.P.’

She became the first reporter in April 2012 along with other reporters of Bloomberg, Mary Childs and Bradley Keoun, who broke the story of the London based trader Bruno Iksil, nicknamed as the ‘London Whale’, the person behind the 2012 JPMorgan Chase trading loss.

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Through her reports, she showed that Iksil accumulated such positions so as to distort prices in the credit derivative market, worth 10 trillion.

In October 2012, she made it to the cover of ‘Working Mother’ magazine. The April/May 2013 issue of ‘Fit Pregnancy’ magazine also featured her on its cover.

Following American investor, philanthropist and hedge fund manager, Paul Tudor Jones’ controversial remarks on lack of female traders on Wall Street, Ruhle hit back in response with a provocative piece in the ‘Huffington Post’ in June 2013. The piece evoked huge response from the financial industry as well as from media.

In 2013, she interviewed American writer, entrepreneur and TV personality Martha Stewart where the latter questioned American actress singer and food writer Gwyneth Paltrow’s position in the "lifestyle business". This fanned the already existing feud between Stewart and Paltrow, making it public.

In 2015, she interviewed Donald Trump, the then Republican presidential candidate. During the interview, Trump made the comment that "the World Trade Centre came down during President George W. Bush’s reign", which was strongly censured in the media.

She remained host and producer of the 2015 documentary ‘Haiti: Open For Business?’ that examines the emerging market of Haiti following a destructive earthquake that hit the Caribbean country five years back.

The 2015 short film ‘Shark Land: A Mission Blue and Fusion Expedition’ that creates awareness of the dangers and hardships faced by the sharks of the national park ‘Cocos Island’, featured Ruhle.

She co-chaired the steering committee of Women on Wall Street (WOWS) and remained member of the iMentor Corporate Advisory Board.

Presently, she is a member of the corporate council of the non-profit organisation ‘The White House Project’; ‘The Women's Bond Club’; ‘100 Women in Hedge Funds’; and board of trustees for Girls, Inc. New York. She is also a board member of the issue-based documentary film series ‘React To Film’.

The Corporate Investment Bank (CIB) Women's Network was founded by Ruhle who at present serves Shape magazine’s website Shape.com as a columnist. The profile of this strong and no-nonsense lady found place in ‘Business Insider’, ‘Glass Hammer’, ‘201 Magazine’ and IWantHerJob’.

Since April 2016, she has been associated with the ‘NBC News’ as a business and politics correspondent and as an anchor of the American daily news-talk TV program ‘MSNBC Live’. She co-hosts ‘Velshi & Ruhle’, a weekly business program of ‘MSNBC’ along with Ali Velshi.

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Personal Life & Legacy

She met Andy Hubbard while working with ‘Credit Suisse’ and after a few years of courtship the two got married. The couple is blessed with three children and they are settled in Manhattan.

Who is Stephanie Ruhle? Everything You Need to Know (2024)
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